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CRUIZ Car Wash

Leaving your cars

In Mint Condition

Starts from $5

In life, it’s often the little things that bring pure joy: a sunny afternoon drive, miles of open roads, a clean car… At Cruiz Car Wash, you can experience the pure joy that comes from a thorough clean.

Cruiz Car Wash gives you everything you need to keep your vehicle clean inside and out. In addition to our thorough exterior car wash, we’ll keep your vehicle’s interior cleaner than ever with our Industry standard cleaning kits.

Sparkles by hand

We will wash your vehicle thoroughly by hand and reach into those hard to reach, and usually neglected areas.

Wheel Bright

Have your rims and tires shiny and sleek. We use the best tire & rim care kits.

Dry & Shine

Ready. Set. Clean!
Drive in style & confidence with a dry, waxed and shiny car exterior.

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